I moved back to West Michigan after serving 15 years on active duty with two different military services. I have been deployed three different times throughout my military career, Operation Iraqi Freedom (1) and Operation Enduring Freedom (2). I saw how mental health issues after my return from combat could affect the people around me. I attended Columbia Southern University while on active duty and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I attended Grand Valley State University and earned my Master’s Degree in Social Work. During my internship I worked in the Kent County Correctional Facility where I learned how to provide individual and group therapy in a correctional setting. After graduating school I was working as the Lead Therapist for the Allegan County Methamphetamine’s-Diversion Program. This is where I was able to dial in my technique but also how to show compassion to people who were suffering from addiction. I learned that there is more to a person than their criminal arrest record states and what they have done in the past. This is where I learned what the difference between a counselor and a Therapist is. I strive every day to learn something new from the clients I see and hopefully I can impact them in a positive way that breeds change




I have spent 11 years in the United States Air Force. Four of which were Active Duty and seven in the Reserves. Most of my Active Duty time was spent in Germany. I’ve been on three deployments to the Middle East including, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. While in the military, I obtained my Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. After separating from Active Duty, I returned to West Michigan and completed my Bachelor’s in Psychology at Grand Valley State University. Since then, I’ve been providing social services to those in need in Kent and Allegan County. I worked with homeless youth and alongside Child Protective Services as well as adult felons with substance abuse disorders. Patrick and I have seen the needs of those in Allegan County and look forward providing much needed services and helping as many people as we can while bettering the community.