We are two friends that met in a professional setting and instantly connected due to similar views on therapy, military backgrounds and our incredible sense of duty to help those in need. We saw the deficits of community services from the inside of a large social work agency and seized an opportunity to start a partnership. With a plan to fulfill the needs of Allegan families and businesses, we created The Next Step Psychological Services.

The Next Step Psychological Services is focused on individuals in need as well larger government contracts. Currently, we provide county contracted counseling and drug testing. We have worked for larger organizations and, based on feedback, found their services can often feel impersonal. Patrick, myself, and our employees provide personalized services from the individual walk-in seeking mental health services to large organizations and local governments wishing to contract out drug testing, group therapy and counseling focused on rehabilitation for those with substance abuse disorders. We have settled into Allegan county and look forward to providing you with individualized care whether that means you are looking for mental health services for you or your family, or you are a large company looking for local and reliable drug testing and counseling. Whichever you are, I can guarantee that The Next Step Psychological Services will never feel like a stranger. We pride ourselves on our hands-on, personal approaches to providing services. We look forward to meeting you in the community as we continue to expand our business.